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"Seven Conversations" Reviews

Collected Reviews for "Seven Conversations" by Oster/Downes/Eaton

April 2024: Semi-monthly Newsletter

A new website, new releases, "The Hours," and some musical anniversaries

April 2024: "The Hours"

"The Hours" an epic ambient collection, releases on streaming

March 2024: Pre-Order "Seven Conversations"

"Seven Conversations" by Jeff Oster, Vin Downes, and Tom can be ordered now! Release date is April 26th.

March 2024: more "Weathering"

The full story from the liner notes

February 2024: Semi-monthly Newsletter

"Traces," "Seven Conversations," "The Winds," and more

Celebrating 30 years!

A retrospective video with moments from my 30 years in the studio

December 2023: Semi-monthly Newsletter

New music, new work, and new news from the studio

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